Greatest Candy Bar EVER!

Coffee Crisp Bars
This is only the greatest candy bar ever made. Those of you that had tried them know the wonderful goodness that is the Coffee Crisp. For many eons this taste sensation was only available in Canada.

You may be asking, “If it wasn’t available in the US, how were you able to try it Jessi?”

I first experienced Coffee Crisp in college. My friend Babs went to Canada every now and then to visit family, and offered me one of these crispy goodies during my fourth year, knowing my love of coffee and chocolate. I was instantly hooked. She wound up going back a couple of times over the next year, and each time she did, my girlfriend at the time and I would always split a box, never being able to get enough. We’d hoard our stash,never wanting it to end, living the adage of true addicts, “the first rule is: Don’t Run Out!” But we always did eventually. After graduation, I fell out of touch with Babs, and Coffee Crisp slowly faded from memory until May of 2004 when we went to Disney World. We stayed on the grounds, right outside of EPCOT, and walked through the World Showcase, where there is a pavilion dedicated to Canada, almost every day. There, in one of the stores, not only did I find a wonderful perfume, but I also re-discovered Coffee Crisps! This was the ONLY place outside of Canada that I was able to purchase and enjoy the chocolaty wonder. I must have had several a day, and was extremely disappointed when it came time to leave, knowing that it would be many moons until I was able to indulge once more.

Fast forward almost three years, one relationship, one job and a new Danielle. We walked down to the nearby sandwich shop and then decided to stop into the convenience store for cookies. I grabbed a cookie and went to the next aisle where D was looking at the candy. I’m looking at the Swedish Fish when I see a yellow box, mostly closed on the shelf to my left. I look down and what do I see but Coffee Crisp Boxes the greatest sight known to man!

In my search for links and images, I came across this site, devoted to bringing Coffee Crisp to the US. Now that Nestle has decided to market Coffee Crisp nationally, this fan site has changed it’s focus to updating people on ‘Crisp Sightings,’ which you KNOW I emailed them about mine!

If you’ve never tried one of these fantastic little bits of heaven, please do, you will NOT regret it. I’ve known people that don’t like coffee fall in love with these.

ETA: I emailed the webmaster of Coffee about my sighting, and he just emailed me back. Go check out my entry!


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