Retire Already!

The calendar has flipped to May, officially marking the Clemens sweepstakes open for business. Clemens will decide, according to Hendricks [Clemens’ manager], “sometime during the month of May, but certainly, not very soon.” Of course, he first has to decide whether he wants to pitch, and while Clemens is playing coy, few in the industry believe he’ll retire.

Honestly, I have no real interest in Clemens coming back the the Red Sox. Sure, he was great during his tenure, and is a Hall of Fame pitcher, but who really cares? He’s been jerking the media and fans around about ‘whether he’ll pitch or not’ and about what team he’s going to for a few years now, and it’s always a zoo. Everyone in Boston is gung-ho about The Rocket coming back so that we can retire his number in Fenway when he makes it to the HoF. Apparently, that requirement has been repealed by the Front office, because it’s not longer listed on the Retired Numbers page. I knew that rule wouldn’t last because the chances of Roger coming back are slim to none, and no Red Sox player has had number 21 since he left the team, leaving the number semi-retired anyway.

Yes, he’s still got an arm on him, and I’m sure he’d make a great addition to our rotation. But we already HAVE a great rotation, and once Lester’s back and healthy, we’ll be lights-out. No worries people, no worries. I see October, do you?


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