Day Trippin’

This was definitely one of the better and more relaxing weekends I’ve had in a long time, despite the fact that Jess and I had a few difficulties through it.

Friday night was Utena at userinfox_bluerose_x‘s home with some of her friends. userinfobrontosproximo and userinfostarfire_91 wound up stopping over for a while as well, which made my SUPER happy because I was getting totally lost amongst the others chattering about the esoteric symbolism contained within Utena that , not being an initiate to mystery traditions, and not even having studied any of them, just was not familiar with.  Not that their discussion wasn’t fascinating (the parts I could understand anyway), I just wasn’t privy to much of it, and will have to begin doing some research into some of them–because that’s always been a topic that fascinates me to no end.

Saturday dawned bathed in sweat from the 100* bedroom we were sleeping in–I need to figure out something to fix that little problem as my window fan doesn’t fit in the window (you’d have to see it to understand).  I wanted to go on an outing despite the grey look to the sky, and it didn’t hurt that Amanda was moving in, which would keep Jess and I out of their way.  P-Town was quickly decided upon, and after a brief stop in Hull, we were on our way.  It’d been about 5 years since I wan in P-Town last, and I had an absolute blast!  Poking around the little shops, and wandering.  I can’t wait to go back when there are more people–I think that between the threatening rain and the fact that the previous weekend was Memorial Day, people just didn’t come down.

We had late lunch/early dinner at a place called  The Lounge & Monkey Bar and it was wonderful!  I can’t recommend it enough.  This place specializes in martinis, with half the drink menu devoted to them.  No, Jess and I didn’t get martinis.  But we did get a HELL of a meal.  We started off with their Summer Rolls-like spring rolls, only uncooked.  I ordered teh chicken rolls so that Jess could try them, and she loved them jsut as much as me.  Each roll was a few pieces of white meat chicken, lettuce and other veggies wraped in a large egg noodle, served with a sweet ginger sauce.  The bartender was taking good care of us (we were the only customers!) and he suggested putting both the sauce and soy sauce on them, which turned out to be so much better than either one alone.  I ordered a couple pieces of squid nigiri, which Jess wouldn’t even go near, then we kinda split her chimichangas, which were the best I’ve ever had!  The cooks had added corn and (I think) spinach to them, which gave a nice additional flavor over the traditional chicken and cheese that I’m used to.  They were seved heaped in cheese, and seved with steamed veggies and white rice.  We devoured everything, it was so good.  The bartender, like I said, was uber nice and he and his partner spent the better part of our meal chatting with us and just being generally friendly.  We left a little over 25%

From there it was just wandering, poking around like I said.  I also made out like a bandit if I do say so myself–a nice faux silk kimono-style robe, a new (rainbow!) claddaugh, earrings and an HRC decal for my car (and the shopkeeper gave me free stickers as well!).

Dessert was going to be Ben & Jerry’s, but it had gotten very cold so we stopped into the Purple Feather, a new cafe.  Well, they unfortunately don’t do baked goods like I had thought walking by, but they had gelato! and chocolates.  We each got a gelato (yes it was cold, but I couldn’t resist), a latte and split a wonderfully creamy homemade peanut butter cup.  YUM!

The ride home was very long, and I was very excited to go to sleep.


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  1. brontosproximo

    “Saturday dawned bathed in sweat”

    Sorry, you lost me after that sentence…