Moving Forward

This has been a rather…inspirational week I must say. Sunday I was witness to a ceremony for the oficial Incorporation of The Order of Ares, an entity within Hercules Invictus, an Olympic organization. I’ve also been chatting with a new LJ friend, who has been kind enough to do a natal chart for me–his initial observations were highly interesting to say the least.

I’ve also been getting my horoscope from a new site, Cainer. Honestly, these seem to have the most acuracy, and I have been doing a bit of journaling about them and other, more spiritual things over at AingealOreiad, my spiritual journal. I have a lot to think about, and have a feeling that, if I let it, big changes are going to happen. Something I was thinking about last night on my way home from Jere’s, this might just be the perfect opportunity for me to truly explore myself spiritually. When I was with Danni, while she never critisized me, I felt uncomfortable establishing myself in spiritual matter while with her because our beliefs were so at odds. And Jess isn’t very religious at all, so I kind of put real exploration to the side because it just wasn’t something that I felt comfortable talking about. Now that I’m single, I can establish myself in practice, find my place within religion and spiritual matters, THEN work out the logistics of finding someone that is amenable to those practices rather than try to find it at the same time that I’m working on developing a relationship. It’s probably just easier this way.

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