Penny Pinching

Now that I live on my own, I really need to learn how to manage my money better. While the biggest culprit of my money woes is spending too much on eating out and crap that I don’t really need, I know that a lot of my troubles are due to simply not knowing how to spend my money. This is why I need to start doing more shopping online rather in the stores so I can take advantage of promo codes and online coupons. Plus, online shopping will keep me out of stores and away from tangible temptation.

A perfect example is Staples, which I was at yesterday to pick up some binders and whatnot. It was all I could do to restrain myself from buying pens and markers and all sorts of other crap that I had abslutely no use for. I know myself; if I can’t touch and see something, the chances of me getting it are far slimmer than when I’m just looking at a picture online. Oh, I’ll still waste my money online, but I’m more likely to buy the stuff I know I need or truly want because I’ve ALREADY played with it in the brick-and-mortar store. Now I need to start actually clipping coupons for grocery stores more often! I know that sites like KeepCash that offer these opportunities don’t always work, or don’t have coupons and codes everywhere, but why not take advantage where I can, right?



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3 responses to “Penny Pinching

  1. lizzielizzie

    Some places won’t take Internet coupons. Most notably, Market Basket (aka Ghetto Basket). I find this annoying.

  2. borealin

    Bloody hell…you do that too?!?

    I can’t go to the supermarket for two things without bringing home a dozen…

    Are we like long lost brother/sister or something…???

  3. BWAHAHAHAHA! it’s terrible, aint it?