Calgon, Take me Away!

Y’know, between the accident on Friday, seeing my family twice in less than a week, trying to play catch-up at work while I’m packing, and the stress of trying to be single for the first time ever, I need a vacation. Seeing this site on Lake Tahoe vacation rentals, I need you, my faithful and loving readers, to get me one.  I’m not asking for a lot, just a week away, all by myself.  Well, I do want free (and secure!!!) wireless.  And room service.  And a pool with a hot tub (I’m not even asking for a private hot tub, although if you guys want to pitch in the extra money, it would be greatly appreciated.  I’ve heard Tahoe is beautiful.  And it’s not just for skiers anymore either!

Although, I am open to being sent anywhere–it just has to be nice weather, someplace I can relax, and can wander around at my leisure, without a car.  Maybe even a place where I can add to my EC collection?  Yeah…I’d love you all if you sent me away for a week.


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