Public Service Announcement

I just found this out and feel it is my civic duty to imform all my local friends, especially since I can walk there:

New icecream joint that is cheap AND tasty
Just a heads up… Somerville Theater in Davis Square is now selling ice cream (Richardson’s Ice Cream, if I remember correctly) and it is the best freaking ice cream I have ever had except in Italy. For $3 you get the equivalent of over a pint of ice cream… I had 2 people working on the bowl I got and we still couldn’t demolish it. Its spectactular.

I don’t work for them or anything, but I feel its my civic duty to tell one and all about this place. If you don’t believe me go and try it. They have blueberry icecream, even, and chocolate peanut butter.

Ok I’m a dork for being so excited over this, but YUM.



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2 responses to “Public Service Announcement

  1. borealin

    Ohhh…you said chocolate peanut butter…and here I am in Minnesota.

    Torture, I tell you!

  2. So come on up to MA! You, me, Kyrene, Bronto and everyone else can go split ginormous tubs of ice cream!