A Good Picture

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Remember when Jess and I went to Vegas a few months ago (to see all the pics, click this one)? Well, I was just notified that this one was “short-listed for inclusion in the third edition of our Schmap Las Vegas Guide, to be published at the end of this month.” There are no guarantees about it actually being included, but I’ll be notified if it is.

I’m typically a terrible picture-taker, and could not be happier to hear about this. I get nothing out of this except pseudo-bragging rights, but it’s still really cool.



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4 responses to “A Good Picture

  1. So I admit that at the time that you went to Vegas I was disgruntled that you were so close yet so far at “only” 410 miles from me, but I looked at a few of your pictures and I must say I’m happy that you got to see the desert and the Grand Canyon. That’s great that you got to land and see it close up.

  2. I was disguntled too! I’m going to come visit you out there though, I just need to save up a few bucks,and need to let the weather out there cool off a little!

  3. Shelley

    One of my pictures from Melbourne was ‘short listed’ too. Which is stupid, it clearly has an all rights reserved copyright and I have no wish to ‘contribute’ to their product based on making money from me for free. So I withdrew the picture (something I should not have to do given the copyright notice, this should be opt in rather than opt out). I know people who have had their flickr photos used by other organisations, but it was always with permission and they always got paid.