When Covers Go Bad

We all know crap-tastic covers of various songs–look at the butchery “Imagine” has gone through.

Well, I just found a cover tribute band that has GOT to put every crappy cover to shame: Harptallica. This a two female harpists that have created a CD of 10 Metallica songs arranged for two harps. It’s a self-titled CD and will containg songs from “Ride the Lightning,” “Master of Puppets,” “…And Justice for All,” and “Metallica.” Remember kiddies, I’m a fan of harp music.

You’re kidding right? I listened toa few of the samples–not terrible to be honest if I didn’t know the originals. “Unforgiven” made the trasistion easily. “Master of Puppets”? Not so much.



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2 responses to “When Covers Go Bad

  1. Em

    Aw! It makes me sad that it’s not great. 😦 (Harp music and Metalica; so crazy how could it fail, right? )

  2. mizdarkgirl

    my head hurts