Just Another Weekend

I spent another weekend drunk off my ass. Friday I had D and her gf over for dinner–I started on the wine when I got home at 5:30 and started cooking. When they arrived an hour latter, I was pouring my second. 6-ish hours, three more drinks and a royal spanking at Phase 10 later, I passed out after sending them off with leftovers.

Saturday I woke up late and luckily got online with Jess to invite her to take my extra ticket to Lez Zeppelin for that night with D and her gf and a friend of theirs. Get to D’s house and what do I discover? I forgot the tix at home! I was so pissed at myself it wasn’t even funny–the stress actually caused me to have a small anxiety attack: shaking, and trouble breathing or thinking straight. As soon as I got the call from D that the opener didn’t go on till 9:45 (the tix said 8:30), I was able to relax–thank gods for her! We had dinner…somewhere (D? Jess? EDIT: Jess came through–it was the Tavern – in Central Square, and she has reminded me to HIGHLY recomend the risoto balls!! YUM-O!) and that was an adventure in and of itself. The light above our table strobed for at least half an hour AND we spent all of dinner following the escapades of a teeny little grey mouse as he eluded the manager–who gave us a free round for our troubles. I really hope that the little guy either escaped or was live-caught.

The opener was pretty good, although D and I were sure they were going to break into “Start Me Up” at any moment. The lead singer moved and acted like he’d seen one too many Stones’ performances, and the guitarist was obviously channeling Kieth Richards in appearance and action. Lez Zeppelin was wonderful. What I remember of them that is. I was drinking heavily (for me) that night, and got totally lost in the music and alcohol. I will definitely see them again when they are next in town.

Saturday Jess and I went to brunch with the Davis crowd. I then proceeded to pass out and she went to watch the game with a friend.


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  1. jess

    yup the restaurant was called The Tavern! You forgot to mention the risotta ball yumminess!