Sun, Sand and Fun

I haven’t been to the beach in forever. Carrie and I had thought about it, for when I was down there a few weekends ago, but never got the chance. I’ve been thinking about doing one of thoseKey West vacation rentals for a week or so next winter. The home of Hemmingway (who sucks BTW) and Buffet (who doesn’t). It’s just one of those quinticential places that everyone needs to go at least once in their life. I mean, really, how awesome would it be to rent a little place on the beach with a ton of friends and spend our days on the beach and our nights partying? *ponders a little deeper* Maybe I should convince the girls that we don’t really want to go to Tuscon to visit Beth in the Spring, but that we want to all go on a vacation together in the Spring, just like we always talked about back in college…



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4 responses to “Sun, Sand and Fun

  1. jess

    umm Hemingway does not suck, For Whome the Bell Tolls is one of the greatest books ever!

  2. I’ll give it a read, to be fair since I haven’t read it. But I can’t stand his writing style!! Same with Steinbeck.

  3. jess

    how can you not like East of Eden

  4. *looks away* I haven’t read that either. *sigh* Okay, I’ll give him a fair shot.