Seasons Change

Summer is over. I am sick as a dog and depressed. Not to mention the fact that I’ve had to wear pants and socks in the house some evenings last week and this morning I woke up with the joints in my fingers achy. Fall is upon us my dear friends. I’m not saying that Summer’s over; no, we still have a few weekends worth of shorts-wearing, but start packing that stuff up–I’m picking up my winter coat when I go home this weekend. The next couple of months for me are going to be filled with Ren Faires, ag fairs, and other Fall activities. If you want  in, my calendar is filling up, but I am willing to share it and have quality time with many friends at once.

Now to get over the season-change slump I’m in…



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2 responses to “Seasons Change

  1. Barb

    Let me know when you’re gonna be at the CT Faire? 😀

  2. I could really go for a change of seasons right now, the temperature just refuses to go below about 97 or so! I always loved summer more than any other season until I got here and now I actually hate it. Enjoy the change of seasons!