Online Presence

I spend too much time online. I have 4 accounts at Gaia Online, one each at Neopets, Zantarni and Menewsha. Blogs at WordPress, 2 LiveJournals, Twitter and Blogger (well, it’s still an active account, but I don’t blog there anymore). Not to mention the profiles at MySpace, Facebook, and OkCupid. 2 Gmail, one Yahoo, a Comcast and Verizon are all regularly-checked email accounts (okay, I don’t check Comcast,  I only have it because I have their internet). Finally there is the account for my poetry, and the Gods only know where else I may have signed up for over the years that I either stopped using and forgotten about, or thought it would be something amazing for my site and am just too lazy to be bothered with. And this list doesn’t include my “specialty” sites–shopping, credit cards, Amazon, banking, etc.

Honsetly, I don’t haven enough time in the day for it all. And if I do pick up a second job, I’ll have even less time for it all. I think I may have to do some purging–autumn is a time of renewal and whatnot. There is so much of my life that I ned to work on purging, or at least letting go of. I can’t wait till I can go on vacation–I’m going to spend the majority of that week alone and asleep to be honest–a few people will know what week I’m taking off, but I need to take a mental health break, and will cut myself off from everyone and everything except for about 5 people and I will be checking email–I will rarely respond until vaca is over. I should prepare myself for a lot of gas use that week. FYI-if you ARE told what week I am taking off, please do try to make plns with me–one of you already promised me a hookey day, and I’m holding you to that despite all the crap lately.

Okay, it’s late and I am sick, so I should be getting to bed since I have to work in the AM…


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2 responses to “Online Presence

  1. em

    Today was fun! Feel better, and I can’t wait for two weeks from this past Friday! (All I’m saying; the internet has, uh, ears, lol.)

  2. lizzielizzie

    Pick one or two accounts you will keep current, and use the rest to point to the one you actually update.

    Good luck!!