Sometimes it’s Good to be Sick

Yes, it really IS 1:22 am and I really AM still awake. Well, I am having my quarterly bronchial attack and this one’s a real doozy–I think I may also have developed allergies as I’ve aged because I’ve feeling more worthless than usual. Will need to talk to my PCP about this. Anyway, the last couple of nights I haven’t been able to sleep because when I lie down, I can’t breath because I think my lungs are being crushed and cough my lungs out because my throat burns, causing a terrible tickle. BUT, I haven’t had one cigarette all day, and since I don’t plan on drinking heavily enough to crave one, this should be a pretty good week as far as laying off the smoking. Sat night will be tough since I’m going to see Cara, but I will give her a few bucks and just bum instead of buying a whole pack and feeling like I need to smoke them even when I’m not drinking. And, we can all hope I still feel like ass on Saturday night, thus rendering me les willing to smoke despite the desire intoxication brings. Here’s hoping.

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