The Good Old Days…

Right now, I would give anything to be back at SSC. It was always an adventure when you went to visit Doc-in-the-Box (until my 5th year, they were located in a trailer), but you always came away with a consolation prize–a paper lunch bag full of tylenol and sudafed and all sorts of other goodies. Right about now, I’d give my right arm for even one of the chloroseptic chews they used to hand out. Right now I’m using the spray, basically drinking it to numb my throat for a while. The spray holds NOTHING to these chews. I had one once and couldn’t taste for almost 4 hours, let alone feel my scratchy throat. Anyone have ANY idea where I can get ahold of somethin glike this?


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  1. fuego

    Hmmm…when I have a sore throat, I suck on altoids like a fiend. (The mint ones, NOT the ginger ones…made that mistake precisely once) I prefer the wintergreen, spearmint doesn’t have the same strength in numbing properties but still helps some. Peppermint might even be better than wintergreen but I never get the peppermint ones.