Full Day

Today was pretty complete. I woke up before 10 (OMG’s!!) and spent the first hour of my day trying to determine exactlly what my plans would be. Jess had an appointment at 11:30 so the Sam Adam’s Brewery tour was cancelled, but the beautiful userinfomizdarkgirl had suggested a Historical Walking Tour of the Stony Brook area of Jamaica Plain (I’d link to the JP city page, but it’s BAD unbreakable frames) with lunchies @ Doyles and the Sam Adams tour after. YAYNESS!

I left a little later than I should have, trying to make evening plans, and then proceeded to get lost in Roxbury. Thank the gods userinfomizdarkgirl knows the area so well and was able to direct me to the Stony Brook T stop where I caught up with the group jsut as they were heading out. JP has a ratherinteresting history, and I am looking forward to going on some of the other tours–this was specifically of the Stony Brook area: Explore a fascinating industrial area at the geographic heart of Boston that includes 19th-century tannery and brewery buildings, the homes of early German settlers, and today’s Samuel Adams beer company. In the 1970s, a coalition of community groups joined together to block construction of the Southwest Expressway through Jamaica Plain and other Boston neighborhoods. Today, the Southwest Corridor Park that runs through the Stony Brook neighborhood stands as a testament to the power of community activism.

Jess caught up with us at Doyles soon after we finished eating. Still planning on the Sam Adams tour, talkies and football distracted us to varying degrees and we missed it. Ah well, hopefully another weekend that isn’t quite so busy–apparently I’m missing the Greek Food Fest in Somerville, the Hampton Beach Seafood Fest and something else, I can’t remember what.

Now I’m home after performing a little bit of retail therapy and trying to pretend it isn’t 1000* inside my apartment.

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