Fly Like an Egyptian

If you were able to find cheap flights to Cairo, would you take one of them? I’m torn about this. I’d LOVE to see Egypt–the pyramids, Sphinx, the Nile, etc. If I were guaranteed safety while over there, I’d go in a heartbeat. But with the way things are going between the US and the Middle East, I don’t know. Thousands of people travel there everyday though, I shouldn’t be scared. The resorts that are located there are doing everythign they can to ensure the safety of their guests, I’m sure, or else they’d be losing money. Same with travel agencies and the tour companies.

It’s tempting, I’ll say that much. Egypt has such an amazing history, and significant place within the history of teh wrold, how can you NOT want to see it, right? Maybe I’m just crazy, but it’s a serious possibility in the future. Now to save up some money.

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