Christmas Time is Here

I was out running errands the other day, and what did I see in 3 out of 5 stores I went to? Christmas decorations!!! You wouldn’t think so, but I’m actually a fan of the Holidays, despite my “Bah Humbug” exterior. But September (BEFORE the first day of Autumn no less) is way too early.

I’ll admit though, I’m kind of looking forward to having my own tree this year. It’s going to be small, and fake, but my environmentalist nature has made me more accepting of fake trees, especially considering the fact that they look good now as opposed to when I was younger. In addition to buying/getting a fake tree, I’m going to get LED Christmas tree lighting, which I was first introduced to last year–a friend uses them exclusively for so many reasons–cut down on the electric bill, protection against the (real) needles getting hot and catching on fire, and to help prevent the rugrats of the human and animal persuasions from burning themselves. Honestly, after we spoke about his new lights, I was hooked, if just for the environmental implications alone. As a matter of fact, I should also look into getting a couple sets for my dad as the house has SUCH terrible wiring, and they always get a real tree and let the poor thing get SO dry–it’s a major fire wating to happen, and I’d feel terrible if I didn’t at least try to keep things safer. 😛


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