My left tonsil is inflamed…not good. I’mjust praying it doesn’t settle in my ear.

I have walked for an hour today, half an hour each during lunch and after I got home. Will do the same tomorrow.

Saturday’s event went pretty well. We made $45 for HI and gave out about 10 readings. Well, userinfox_blueose_x gave out readings. I stood around and looked at all the pretties that userinfolizzielizzie had for sale. Obviously, I got a reading. And was told the same thing that all the other readings/oracles/etc: I need to be on my own romantically and that I have all the tools to find my happiness available to me. She also told me that I’m already on the right path to accomplishing this goal, I just need to actually accept it. This is not going to be easy…A said I didn’t have to go through this alone, and I wouldn’t be going through it alone, but…

I did nothing all week, and feel fantastic about it. However, my VP noticed that I’ve still got a large vacation balance. I worked it out, and STILL need to take about 10 days off before the end of December–this is what I get for not realizing until late August that I was accruing at a higher rate. I’m going to sit down with my boss and see how we can work this out; I’m thinking maybe a few days here and there in Oct and late Nov then arrange to take the balance in Jan. Or something.

Saturday Em and I went to see the Simpsons movie (FANTASTIC!!!) and then went out for drinks, and I bought a pack of cigarettes before heading back to her place to continue drinking. We smoked about half the pack, but I haven’t even wanted one since then. I’m going to call it a success.


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