Not In Moderation

This is Jess….Jessi is incapacitated on the couch and unable to move.  She has consumed about 100 kilos of sugar at dinner.  We went to Fridays where she devoured 8 fried mac n cheese balls as an appetizer, pecan crusted salmon for an entree, a sugary fruity mixed Hawaiin drink, and then topped it all off with two shot glasses full of peanut butter and rocky road mousse.  It is pretty hard to get all that mousse out of a shot glass but this girl cleaned it up….the only thing I’ve seen come close to this is my dog Bruschi cleaning out his peanut butter kong thing……THEN on the way home she was thinking about what she was going to have for lunch tomorrow..unbelievable….I’m proud to say that I did everything in moderation today!


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