Heroes in Training

I have a friend that is interested in becoming a firefighter. As much as I support that dream, and will do anything I can to help her pass the exam and stuff (GET STUDYING YOU!!), I fear for her safety at the same time. I know that we never hear about the thousands of firefighters that come home safely every night, we only hear about the tragedies. But still. I’m a worry wart and that’s not going to change. That’s why this new technology for fire department training is interesting to me. It wasn’t long ago that we lost those 8 in Worcester, and even more recently that 2 more were lost in Boston. Are these simulators guaranteed to save lives? No, but having a better understanding of what they might experience can only help firefighters do their jobs. It’s kind of like a surgeon–do you want to be the first person Dr. Smith does a double-bypass on? Hells no. In that same vein, I hope that more fire departments are able to get this kind of technology to help train those men and women that are already risking their lives for us.


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