Busy Day for not Doing Anything

Today Bill Clinton spoke at Brandeis. I was skeptical to be honest, politician and all, but it was a very good speech. He gave the inaugural speech for the newly-founded Eli J. Segal Citizenship Leadership Program. For those that don’t know, Segal founded AmeriCorps; Clinton’s speech was about Segal and the legacy he left to become leaders within our community and to give back. He truly is an excellent speaker; and no matter your politics, the meaning behind the speech was motivating and inspirational. After the new year I’m contacting the Girl Scouts and getting back involved.

Tonight was also the office holiday party. I love the people I work with, I really do–we found out that one of the newer members of the office, an older lady, rides a Harley, and our VP had the bright idea of going around the table telling one interesting fact about ourselves that no one would know. Oh the hilarity that ensued with that. Some of my co-workers have lead super interesting lives. The Yankee Swap was a mess, and we fought about how to run it, during the ENTIRE swap, but it was still fun. Hopefully next year will go smoother, not that I plan on being there.

I will say that for all the hype, Papa Razzi was not that impressive. I had an excellent meal, and there was a good selection, but the chicken was pretty dry and the roasted red potatoes were mushy. Dessert was a brownie sundae that almost made up for the meal–the brownies were obviously fresh-baked, and instead of ice cream, they used gelato. Honestly, if I want to pay those prices, I’ll go somewhere a little more impressive.



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2 responses to “Busy Day for not Doing Anything

  1. lizzielizzie

    I have never liked Papa Razzi, ever since they brought me a bad -salad-.

  2. How the F do you screw up SALAD? ‘Cause I’m assuming you didn’t mean that the meat was tainted or anything.