My Stove. It is Hot

As some of you know, the Sox are looking to get Johan Santana from the Twins. Unfortunately, not only do they have Jacoby Ellsbury on the offering table, but also Jon Lester. Yes, I am fully aware that Santana is way bigger and most likely better than both of these guys put together, but I’m soft-hearted and nostalgic. Lester is a great pitcher and Ellsbury saved the playoffs for us. Sure they are young, and Lester is still not even a year in remission from cancer, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t important members of the team–who else can we trust to put in when Wake and Schill need extra rest? Who did for us what Coco couldn’t? Who gave the country a free taco? And the fact that Minnesota wants both of them so badly shows not only their potential but also their current usability.

Come on Theo you master tradesman you–keep at least one of these young guns, even if it’s for nostalgic reasons.

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  1. I am sending Theo good decision vibes. I would rather see Lester go then Ellsbury. Too much potential there. I will be broken hearted to see Ellsbury in a Twins uniform.