Just Being

Well, I took the advice of that wise woman and have started a paper journal. We’ll see how successful it is. I really do need an outlet for my emotions other than just Kelly, and I have SUCH difficulty expressing it to anyone else. Getting it out in some way is better than never getting it out, right?

I really have nothing to talk about lately–I’ve gone on a few dates, some better than others. I’ve been hanging with D more, which is absolute SQUEE. Football season is almost over, and baseball will be starting in another month and a half. OH! My birthday happened yesterday. I kept it low-key, and liked it that way. In fact, the only person I saw all day was L, and that was only for a couple hours at Bloc 11. It’s a nicer place than Diesel, but the selections are not nearly as good. Tonight I hosted the Championship games since J, A and L were AT the Pats game, so Good Times was out. It was a ton of fun and as usual, the Pats won 😀 D’s hosting the Big Game at her place, which is going to be nice, since she hosted last year. I’ve got to plan out something FABULOUS for food since I need to top the dip I made last year.


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  1. Yo, yo, happy belated birthday! I apologize for not being able to wish you a happy birthday on time; I’ve been working my ass off at the country club this weekend with absolutely no time to do anything else. I’m glad you had a good birthday. We’re getting perilously close to 30 now!