Shave and a Haircut

Well, kinda-sorta…not really.

So I decided that it’s in my best interest to start the summer leg waxing process now so that A) I can cycle through the hair growth patterns so my waxings can get the whole leg done at once and B) to thin out the hair so I can go less frequently. Nikki, the girl I saw back home was amazing–she was friendly and took her time and put me at ease. But who wants to drive 2 hours round-trip to spend $75? Plus, she has a very limited schedule.

So I went looking more locally. Thank gods for the intarwez. Yelp lead me to Mario’s Salon in Davis with amazing reviews and the promise of good prices. I made an appointment to see Rosa and she lived up to the reviews and more. She’s about 60, and is really friendly without talking my ear off. And she sings for free (to her CD player, because she hates commercials)! She was completely thorough, even bringing out the tweezers when she needed to. As for the price? $36! I was shocked at the quality for the price. If I hadn’t needed coffee this morning, I would have given her $15 instead of $10 for a tip. She also does hair, so I’ll probably give her a shot at that too; anything to make life a little easier and cheaper.


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