Talk of the Town

Greyhound Lines is partnering with Springfield-based Peter Pan Bus Lines to launch the “Boltbus.” The coaches will offer wireless internet, plenty of leg room and one-way fares as low as $1.

Apparently not all the tickets will be this low, most of them being “market,” but  more leg room and wireless internet? I’m willing to look into it. I’ve done the Greyhound before with little complaint. And I’m petrified of the Fung Wah.

Senator Brian Joyce is proposing that consumers be charged 2 cents at the checkout counter for each plastic shopping bag they use. The tax would gradually increase to 15 cents over seven years.

I think that this has the potential to be a really good idea. I do think there are other things that can be done in addition to just taxing the plastic bags though–like giving back money to people that bring their own bags (some stores do this already), or reimbursing the tax to people that bring those bags back to be recycled (most stores have a recycling bin for plastic bags). People DO take more kindly to positive reinforcement.



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2 responses to “Talk of the Town

  1. Jennifer

    Regarding the plastic bag thing: a lot of the major stores in my area (near Chicago) have started offering recycled papercloth bags for reuse. They’re available for 99 cents each, and you bring them back each time you shop at the store. The big grocery store here (Strack & Van Til), Target, and Wal-Mart are all using them, and I’m willing to bet I see them in a lot of other big stores (Kohl’s, Sears, J.C. Penney, etc.) pretty soon. We have half a dozen in the trunk of our car that we use whenever we go shopping, all from the grocery store, and so far no one at any of the other stores has told use we can’t use bags not from their store there yet.

  2. The local grocery stores here offer cloth bags for like $2 I bring them everywhere, and no one’s said a negative word.