Or Maybe I’m Being Ridiculous

How long have I been looking for a job at one of the schools that offers my degree? Far too long to be honest. But it’s hard when you aren’t contacted back, or when you aren’t qualified for the openings.

There is really only one program I WANT to enroll in; the Northeastern one, which will take 2 years if I go full-time, and will give me the exact degree and training I want. They also offer rolling admissions and mid-year enrollment.

The idea has been brought up that I take out student loans and maintain a part-time job and just go back to school full-time. Between loans, financial aid and the job (maybe even an assistantship!), I should be able to survive. I know that Northeastern tries to give out as many assistantships as they can, and they are also right on the T, which means that I could give up my car if I needed to.

Or maybe I really AM being ridiculous.



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2 responses to “Or Maybe I’m Being Ridiculous

  1. mizdarkgirl


    Tuition Remission – Full-time benefits eligible faculty/staff are eligible to receive up to nine credit hours per academic term beginning with the academic term following date of full-time employment

    Check this often!

  2. That’s WHY I’m looking for jobs @ the schools that offer my degree. And I do check for jobs there, everyday. But when they don’t contact you back, or don’t have anything open, it’s tough to get a job someplace.