They Wonder Why We Hate Them

As most of the nation has probably heard by now, the asshattery that is the Sox-Yankees rivalry has grown to epic proportions in the last few days. For those that haven’t,

A New York Yankees’ fan was accused on Monday of murdering a Boston Red Sox supporter and injuring another by running both down with a car after a heated argument over one of America’s oldest sporting rivalries.

“The forensic evidence at the scene indicates tire tracks going about 200 feet that did not swerve or brake,” Morrell said. “He went onto the windshield and then when the car hit the parking meter he was ejected,” she added.

She “wanted to scare them” because they were giving her shit about being a Yankees fan. userinfowtbrosie put it perfectly, “why do dumb people use the oxygen others need?” I fully agree and wish I was Queen of the World ™ so I could give that woman the chair for being an asshat.

Dan over at Red Sox Monster has an idea to honor the guy that was killed. The rivalry should be all in good fun people.


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