The Root of All Evil

So A has had some trouble paying the oil bill, and twice I’ve had to pay it off in order to get more so we can have heat and more importantly, hot water. Well, she’s about to move out and essentially owes me $630. I’m thinking about proposing that she gives up her security deposit and pays me the difference. This way she doesn’t have to worry about coming up with this money in as timely a manner as I would like, and I don’t have to trouble myself with getting her half from the landlord, giving it to her, then getting a deposit from a future roommate and getting it to my landlady.

Is this a good idea, or am I thinking too far outside the box?


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One response to “The Root of All Evil

  1. that sounds like a good idea; i had some trouble with renters not wanting to pay for stuff and we ended up compromising with the deposit. at this point, i’m just glad they’re out and i’m done with them.