An Honest-to-Goodness Post

Has it REALLY been 11 days since I last posted? Good gods! I really have no good excuse other than work being kinda busy and me being lazy when I’m home. Yes, spending time with userinfowtbrosie does have something to do with my lack of posting, but not really that much.

Speaking of my lovely girlfriend, she graduated from BU yesterday. The weekend was spent in graduation-mode; Friday her program had a party at the bar they always hung out at after class. I’m so happy she invited me, she really is the life of the party! Total center of attention, just having fun dancing and socializing. I’ll admit to being jealous a little. Not of her spending time with her friends, at the ease with which she carries herself and how she doesn’t care  what others think as long as she’s having fun.

Saturday she had to spend time with the family while I slept and ran errands for the weekend. Sunday was the big day. Despite being stressed out about getting 9 people in and out of the city without losing or killing anyone, she pulled it off without a hitch and looked beautiful doing it–she needs to wear dresses more often. I’m also glad I got to interact more with her brothers and their respective ladies than I did the first time I met the family–they are hysterical together, and are such great people; I see her reflected in them and vice versa. Unfortunately, her parents are not as hip as her brothers, which has added to her stress levels. Part of me hopes they do not stay two full weeks as they are not so cool with the gay thing, and are also needy, which puts a huge damper on the amount of time we can even interact, let alone see each other. She also stresses more when they are around.  We’ll see how it goes though.


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