Further Back

The CharlesI should have posted about this before, but I’m lazy–sue me. Thursday I kind of played hooky from work (I did again on Friday, but that’s completely unrelated), and went into Boston with Ellie so we could play after an appointment.

We wandered from BU down the Charles, spying tons of wildlife (some of which is rare to see according to one of her aunts), and just had fun. We walked all the way down Soldiers Field Road, crossed the Charles and walked back along Memorial drive. Along the way we found more wildlife and played with some random sculpture and took tons of pictures (that you can access by clicking the pic of the Charles–warning for the easily queasy, there are TONS of cutesy pictures of the two of us).

Overall, it was just an amazing day, and I’m glad I was able to share my city with her. We were able to relax and enjoy each other’s company with no pressure to be anywhere, or do anything.

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