Teh Sick

My lovely userinfowtbrosie has been sick for well over a week now. And because she only has school insurance, she is doomed to see the doctors that just barely passed Medical School and the boards. Despite consistently running a fever between 2 and 5 degrees for over a week and still having pain in her ears despite a full dose of amoxicillin, they determined this AM that it’s “all in her head” and to “do some activities and work out.”

Because I have spent as much time as I can taking care of her, I got sick too. Not NEARLY as badly, but I do have a slight cold and cough. I took yesterday off more as a precaution than anything else, and spent it doing a whole lot of nothing besides being taken care of by and taking care of userinfowtbrosie. I’m back at work today, and praying that she starts to feel better soon. If not, I’m dragging her to an ER to see a real doctor.


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