Sweet Freedom

Remember how I said in my last post that “I’m dragging her to an ER to see a real doctor” in regard to userinfowtbrosie being sick? Well, I didn’t have to because she did it herself. I got a text on Friday afternoon saying that she was going, and I felt much relieved. So I headed down there after work–at 6:30 when I got there, they were still doing tests, but I wasn’t that worried, gods only know how long she’d been waiting. I finally got in to see her and am told that she’d just undergone a lumbar puncture. That’s bad news! But we chatted about the various tests and whatnot she’d undergone until the Dr came back in and said that it looked very much like viral meningitis, but they weren’t sure because she’d been on antibiotics, so it could be the bacterial form hiding. Good gods!

To make a long story REALLY short, she was admitted Friday night around 11pm, and was finally released Wednesday afternoon. Because of how rundown she’d been from finals and the ear infection and the SUPER bad UTI she had, her poor body just couldn’t fight back the fevers and headaches. I have spent the last week commuting between her and work, and am feeling a little run down myself, but I knew I HAD to be there for her. Wednesday we stayed at her house because she was still really weak, but she came up to my place yesterday and will probably be there for most of the weekend, just until she’s totally recovered.

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