The Hunt is On

I looked at an apartment yesterday. After a little bit of a fiasco getting there, we found the place. It’s actually a tiny ranch on a dead-end street of about 3 houses. The woman I’d been in touch with is moving, so is trying to fil her room. The current tenants are a woman that is in the process of moving in, and a guy that isn’t living there, but has a lease through Sept.

It’s a beautiful little place, with a great backyard, a huge basement (that the current tenant will be using as a studio), a garden in the front and a group of women my age living in the house next door. Plus off-street parking! Unfortunately, the woman that’s staying seems…odd. Like she lacks some social skills, and when I asked her how she felt about me having friends over for dinner or to watch a game, she kind of twitched and said, “well…I guess maybe on weekends.” That is NOT a good sign to me. Plus the fact that she works from home as a freelace artist leads me to believe that she will never leave the house and that money might be an issue for her.

Not to metion the fact that the rent of $565 I’d been quoted (before utillities) had been raised that day to $665. I jsut can’t afford that realistically. Maybe, if it was me and 2 friends that I knew would be cool and fun, I’d take the place in a heartbeat! But I think the cons jsut outweigh the good in regards to this place.


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  1. Me

    Yeah, I’d avoid the spastic ones. First it’s only weekends, then it’s screaming because she wants to play with her 12 cats (all of which are imaginary) by her lonesome. Also, you know me as an artist, when I get into my groove I’m rarely leaving my room. I LIVE doing my work. So yeah, she’d be there all the time!

    Last, changing rent like that is out of the question. I wouldn’t even consider it with that. They probably low-balled it and realized that they could lower their own renting by upping yours. Screw it.