Of Freakin’ Course

So my boss was wonderful and gave me the whole day off yesterday instead of just the half day I asked for. I’m glad she did, because I needed it!! I spent Tuesday night at userinfowtbrosie‘s house taking care of the cats while she was visiting the family. YAY not having to deal with the AM traffic from the South Shore.

I went home and finished packing up a few boxes, then began the process of trying to get the stuff I wanted to bring to my dad’s house into the car. NOT easy when it’s mostly books and you’re by yourself. I got the 3 boxes down to the front porch, then fought with one of my bookcases to get that downstairs. My landlord was kind enough to move the barrel he’d been keeping in the road so I could park right in front, and I began loading my car. Small box in the front seat, large box in the trunk, large tote in the trunk…or not. Move the small box to the trunk and put the tote on the front passenger seat. Bookcase in the backseat…damn, stuck on the front seat, go around and move it around…TOO F’ING BIG!!! Fuck. Take it out, bring it back upstairs (I basically dragged it up and left it in my dining room). Grab the smaller bookcase, load it inot the car and finally head out.

Of course my uncle was working when I get there, so I have to once again do everything by myself. I unload the car completely and bring the bookcase (the lightest item) to the house. My key snapped off in the door! Thank the Gods it was only the ring part, so I was able to get it out. I ran down back, fought off spiders and cobwebs and got the spare.

4 hours, tons of bruises and scrapes later, I was home and relaxing with a beer. I’m kinda not looking forward to Sunday.


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