Everything is officially inside the new apartment. The room however is wee and I know I’m going to spend the next gods know how long playing Tetris in order to successfully live in the room. After the past month of stress and injury, I do NOT want to move, but things feel so awkward. I know that I just need to settle in and everything will be okay, but I am very much a creature of habit and change does NOT agree with me at all.

I heard from my roommates that we are going to more equally split the rest based on room size, so my rent will only go up by $7 in Sept, and I’ll also be saving $$ by not having to pay for oil or laundry, so it’s tempting, I just need to figure out better oganization for the room (THIS would be absolutely amazing if I had a boxspring or platform…maybe I can make my bed a platform?). And I need to make the cable work. And I need to hook up the wireless internet. Maybe if I had more options for where to live in Sept, but the whole idea of hunting down a new apartment, and making sure I get along with the roomie(s) is such a hassle, and I’m not entirely sure I’m up for it.


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