Yearbook Camp

I had no idea that yearbook was such a serious thing. 10 years ago when I worked on my yearbook, it was a handful of Seniors slapping pictures on paper and sending them to the publisher. Apparently this is not the case it’s done anymore. Yearbooks are not just for the Seniors and they are FULL of text–not just a few captions or the Senior quotes and info. My workshop is on the journalistic aspect of yearbook. I’m enjoying it, but the Novice Advisor workshop might have been better for me depending on how things wind up playing outThe people that are here are nuts about their yearbooks! I really didn’t think it was such a serious thing–there are even yearbook awards! I am having fun, although there are NOT enough wireless areas on campus (NONE in my dorm!!) and the bag I have isn’t big enough to carry my laptop and the camp materials. it’s fun, but I’m not going to lie–staying home or going on a real trip for vaca would have been pretty nice.


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  1. Haha, I went to yearbook camp!