Saving A Buck

“Patrick said his administration is working on a set of new regulations that would open the door to replacing some of the police details by hiring civilians, equipping them with orange safety vests and flags, and training them to direct traffic, especially on secondary roads.”

Words cannot even begin to express how much I support this! It was about 10 years ago I was informed that police are paid up to $40 an hour to stand around directing traffic, and I was old enough to realize what crap that was. Just a few years ago I found out that we are one of very few (if not the only) states that doesn’t have civilians doing traffic detail. If Gov. Patrick can successfully pull this off, I just might help with his re-election campaign.

Okay, we all know that’s a lie since politics bores me to tears, but I’ll still be really happy and supportive!!


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  1. Me

    In Maine you have to be 17+ to do it and attend a mandatory 2 day training. After that, you get paid $15 (in 1999) an hour for it and it’s probably the HIGHEST paying job for a student (hell, for many adults in maine). Why the hell use people trained to fight crime? It seems insulting!