Time, or Lack Thereof

I will admit that I have been a shit-tastic blogger of late, but other than gushing about how wonderful userinfowtbrosie is and all the fun stuff we’ve done, there is really nothing much going on in my life. And I’m not entirely sure how much y’all want to hear about the wedding we went to last Saturday, where I got to meet one of her oldest friends, and we spent the whole evening hanging out with her and her wife, way after the other guests had left. Or about going into NYC Sunday and wandering around Grant’s tomb, and down into Times Square where she patiently waited for me to collect squished pennies at the M&M store (I would have collected more around Times Square, but it was getting late, and we were hanging with another one of her friends), then went to the Sanrio store where userinfowtbrosie bought me a pair of Hello Kitty chopsticks, I got myself a camera case, and her friend bought me a bookmark! I kinda made out like a bandit, especially at dinner (I forget the name of the place) where we got the biggest slices of pizza I have ever seen! The pizza pan they came from must have been about 24″.

I’m looking for a new car, and am looking at Honda Civics and Toyota Corollas–I have a contact at a Toyota dealer in Auburn via one of my dad’s co-workers, so here’s hoping I can get something to work out. Tomorrow I’m swapping rooms with one of my roommates, so I’ll have a big room, and won’t even have to leave my room to access my closet! So yet another full weekend…in fact, I looked at my calendar and EVERY weekend is full! No wonder I’m so freaking tired all the time.


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