Fancy That

So, I found out the strangest thing the other night. I stopped by my dad’s house to pick up some camping gear, and we were talking about my current place. He mentioned that I hadn’t given him my new address, so we went to his table to put it in his book.

When I said the street name, he looked up and said, “Hxxxxx? Hxxxxx Street? I know that street!” I gave him a pretty skeptical look and told him that I doubted it since I’m not THAT close to the street he grew up on (yeah, I’m about a mile from the house my dad lived in till he was 9). “No, no, that’s where Nan and Pup (my great grandparents) lived for a thousand years!” I was pretty shocked to be honest, and we even went into the other room to confirm it with my uncle. They aren’t 100% sure on the number, but are pretty sure I’m only about a block from the place my grandfather, great aunt and great uncle grew up. They’re actually going to look through the old paperwork to find out which house it was.


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