Why I Dislike the Community # 1356

Tonight is the first Friday of September, and most of the queer women I know are going on and on about Guerrilla Queer Bar, an event where ‘the gays’ “take a straight bar back!” My first question is, how are we taking it back when it was never ours to begin with? My second question is, what’s wrong with the few bars and clubs we DO have (that are all going out of business mind you).

I’m especially frustrated with the women that participate in this. Laurel’s already unofficially has a First Friday event (yes it gets crowded, but that’s what reservations are for), and if people start skipping it to attend GQB, then eventually there’ll be no more Laurel’s First Friday (speaking of, Ellie and I need to do that some night…). Toast is gone, 90% of the clubs are male-centric, and Dyke Night is now once-a-month. If the ladies want to “take over” a place, let’s do it at one of the male clubs/bars, because the gods know they have more than enough to share with us.


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