Wet and Wild

Last weekend userinfowtbrosie, userinfofitzer_42, the woman she’s dating and I all went camping up in Franconia Notch. We were all prepared for it to be freezing, but I don’t think any of us were fully prepared for the rain. I’m not saying we didn’t KNOWit was going to rain, but I think we were in slight denial of just how bad it would be.

We set up the tents and tarp in the rain, making for a damp night’s sleep despite using two towels to dry the tent. At least the rain stopped in time for us to have a fire (which userinfowtbrosie worded her ass off at making) for cooking dinner and s’mores. Although we couldn’t get a fire started Saturday morning, we had an amazing fire that night cooked out whole dinner over it, plus dough boys ( HUGE hit) and even more marshmallows. The highlight of the night though was the fact that our fire was hot enough to melt glass–several empty beer bottles gave their lives to provide us entertainment.

Saturday we had the phenomenal idea to go on a hike. userinfofitzer_42‘s boss is a hiker and gave her a set of trails to follow. It was absolutely beautiful–what we did of it. What he didn’t realize is that none of us are really hikers, and what we didn’t realize was that it was a hike UP A MOUNTAIN. Not realizing just how difficult it was, we left at noon thinking we’d have plenty of time–not so much. Over an hour in we’d only gone about a mile, and when we asked some people coming down how much further to the top, they told us it was 2 more hours to the top! So yeah, I had to put a stop to the hike right then and there because of my legs and dehydration (I went through a Nalgene bottle in that hour). Not to mention the fact that it’d be dark before we got back to our campsite. Next time, we take lower-level trails 😛

But honestly, despite the little SNAFU’s it was a great time, and I’m really looking forward to going camping with userinfowtbrosie and her sister’s family in November–here’s hoping we’re a little better prepared!!


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