2009 Sox Traveling

The 2009 Sox schedule is now available!

M has already claimed me for a Mets-Sox game when they come to town, and I’m going to plan a trip to Philly to see C and go to a Phillies-Sox game. I’m hoping to make it to the DC area for a Nationals game and also for an Orioles game (userinfowtbrosie, think the bro and SIL will let us crash?)

I think I’m going to concentrate on seeing the Sox away next season rather than tying up ALL my money on tickets here. Not saying I won’t be seeing games at Fenway, but if I really do want to see every park, I need to get working.


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2 responses to “2009 Sox Traveling

  1. Taryn

    LET ME KNOW when you are going to come to philly for a game. Hubby & I *LOVE* going to phillies games. Chris Coste is my man – after hubby that is! Not to even mention I’d love to hang with you again!!!