Miss Me?

I have no idea why I’m so lazy…I know a lot of it is my sleepiness, and becasue I’ve been kinda busy at work the last couple weeks, but not busy enough to not make posts. And some of it is definitely due to the fact that now i have to double-post everything because I no longer have my own site, but still. I have been pretty miserable with my trapezius acting up lately though–I just want the knot to work out already!!!

What else? Oh yeah, busy as ever–I took Friday off, so went to E’s after a Girl Scout training Thursday night. When I got home I started setting up for the sex toy party we hosted. Saturday was a Halloween party at Jere’s. Sun was the busiest day–we had breakfast with the boys and Em, then to the Bluegrass and Blues Festival as Nashoba Valley Winery, then out for dinner with the Lesbian dinner Meetup I’m a member of.  Yeah, kinda busy. I’m praying this weekend stays relatively quiet.


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