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We can all see my Blogroll–Stuff White People Like, Stuff Gods Hates, etc. Well, thanks to D, I have found the BEST “Stuff” blog in the entire world: Stuff Lesbians Like. From their headline,

Being a lesbian isn’t about mullets, wearing flannel, clunky shoes, going to the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival (people still do that?!), or quoting Ani DiFranco (barf). Those stereotypes are passe. It’s 2008. Time for a current list of Stuff Lesbians Like.

I’ve only read the titles of a few posts, but this is easily going to become of of my favorite blogs. I’m a particular fan of Part 71: “It’s Complicated”, although I am looking forward to reading Part 70: Fleece, Part 62: Girls with Guitars and Part 57: “Wanting Famous Women To Be Lesbians Even Though We Have No Chance With Them


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