The Race is ON

So userinfowtbrosie and I are having ourselves a little contest. She has needed to submit all the paperwork for her license, and I need to finish submitting everything for Grad School. This weekend I was teasing her that even though she has less actual ‘work’ to do, I will STILL get everything done (I’m only about halfway done with my essay, and still need it edited, and want to rework my resume, even though it’s already uploaded to the application site).

This is also my unofficial start on NaBloPoMo since November has always been the ‘official’ month, I’ve decided to do the best job I can of posting every day this month. The problem is that I am away from the internet so often on weekends that I can’t make the actual commitment. So I’m making the commitment to post every weekday this month. let’s see how it turns out.


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