The Girl Scouts are Driving Me to Drink

Okay, not the scouts themselves, but my ‘co-leaders’ (and I use the term VERY loosely).

The troop I am involved with is a multi-level troop (5-17 year olds) that is affiliated with Campus Girl Scouts. The only reason there are leaders outside of CGS themselves is because of the number of girls. Because of this, they need to be active in the troop and we need to be active in their activities. Yet I never know about what CGS is doing or planning until almost the last minute. Case in point, an email received by the 3 leaders about a play “CGS would LOVE for us to be able to help out at” being put on Saturday. Um, hello, you KNOW we have a fundraising activity that day, and way to let us know on Tuesday about an event Saturday when we have limited access to contacting our girls (one of the issues with having an inner-city troop). Turns out one of my co-leaders knew about it for our meeting 2 weeks ago, but had a family emergency and couldn’t attend the meeting. Fine, awesome. But where was the email/text/phone call to either myself or M about the event?

It’s all about keeping the lines of communication open and not counting on one person alone to be the liaison. And when I suggest the leaders being included in minutes from the CGS meetings, I get told I’m “being demanding and that we have more important issues.”

Next year I will not be involved with a troop that falls under CGS.


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