The Holiday Crunch

So I have virtually no idea what to get anyone for Christmas this year. I’m working on my boss’ gift, but am not sure I’ll get it done in time to give her before we break. As for my other three co-workers, I’m clueless. Anyone have ideas for 2 women and a guy that are under $15? Maybe something I can make since I’m making my boss’ gift?

Mom should be mostly set, I just have to actually work no the gift. Dad and my uncle are another story altogether though. My brother and I had talked about getting a snowblower last year, but that kinda fell through, so I’ve thought about getting one this year, but really don’t have the money for anything that great (anyone know how well the electric ones do? They only need to be able to move the snow from behind the cars and the two walkways). I have some ideas for Ellie, but I’m nervous it won’t be perfect.

Most of my friends will be waiting till after Christmas, so I don’t have to be as stressed about them, but I at least need some ideas!! People, give me ideas either for yourself or for common friends (that DON’T involve me or userinfowtbrosie in any state of undress, sorry userinfobrontosproximo) 😛


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  1. Em

    I will only tell you what I want if you tell me what you two want. (BTW, wanna go to the Slutcracker with me and some girlies on Friday? :D)