We’ve Come to the End

I should join the year-end posting frenzy that goes around all the blogs this time of year. Christmas was good, both with my family and with userinfowtbrosie‘s. My mom did really well with gifts this year; she typically gives nick-knacks and other crap, but this year she stuck to my list–movies, books, a new heating pad, and a few other useful things that I specifically asked for. It WAS weird though, as all holidays and occasions this year have been.

The train ride to NJ was pretty boring, but totally uneventfull, and it was nice spending time with userinfowtbrosie‘s family. I really love her brothers and sister, and they spoiled merotten; I was totally unprepared for it, despite userinfowtbrosie trying to prepare me.

Last night we went to D’s to ring in the New Year. Very quiet and subdued, but it was nice. 2008 Was a pretty good year, but I’m really hoping 2009 is better.


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