Help With Sleeping?

Saturday afternoon, while I was supposed to be spending a nice afternoon with the family for my birthday, the woman that set up my CPAP machine showed up (no, not unexpectedly, although she was a little early). Now, I’ve already worn the machine once, and it was a horrible experience, but I thought most of it had to do with the wired strapped and taped all over my head.

No, I was wrong. This is probably one of the worst things that ever happened to me. The mask is a little plastic cone that fits over my nose and forces my airway open as I sleep. No biggie except the fact that the cone HURTS! The underside of my nose is all raw and chapped from it. I am sure some of that has to do with my nightguard pressing everything together, so I didn’t wear it last night and I slept a little better–only woke up 2-3 times instead of 4-5 last night. I’m going to look for a new guard that doesn’t have as much (or any) material in the front.I’m just going to hope that the chapping heals on it’s own and that it’s not going to be like this the whole time I have the machine

I keep telling myself it’s only for three months…



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2 responses to “Help With Sleeping?

  1. Hey, you’re turning borg too? My mother has one, you get used to it.

    We call her 1 of 6 when she’s hooked up. We’re a good nerd family.

  2. eternalhearts

    Yup…it’s really kinda too bad I was never a sci-fi geek, or I might be a little happier about all this šŸ˜›